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Virtual Villagers 5 New Believers Cheat

OK I have playing Virtual Villagers 5 New Believers early this year, It's the newest version on this game that come out on the end of 2010. While I'm playing it I was trying to search if there's any Cheat code or action replay code but I can't seems to find any of them. So on the second day I've give up and try to search for the cheat myself, and this what I found out. I use the newest cheat Engine 6.0 to cheat, you could download the Cheat Engine 6.0 for free Here. And here's how you do it.
First you have to activate the game and make you tribe as usual, then activate Cheat engine 6.0
Select the process to Virtual Villagers 5 New Believers.exe
Select add address manually on the left bottom side,then just enter the address and description below then set the value to 999999 and you'll get what you want (as for the type I use 4 bytes), yes it's that easy. and this is the address for Virtual Villagers 5 New Believers code.

Tech point address 007A79E0
Food address 007A7730

but I have the problem for the Max God Power code, I'm pretty sure that the address is 00D17DA8 but I don't know why i can't set the value to 800 (it's the max value of the God Power) can someone please help? (maybe it's because I haven't find the relic, then I just have to increase the value along the game). But if you have bought all of the tech with the tech point you've got,then you'll gonna have more than 100 Max God Power, that will gift you instant access to lightning spell that you'll need a lot for the entire game.

As for the solution I've manage to find the address to Refill the God Power that you now have, after you use the god power the value on this address will decrease, after that just change the value to the max value of your God Power, then it will fill up again. The address is bellow.

Refill God Power 00D17DAC

OK that's all for now, maybe someone will read this post maybe not, but if you do please leave a comment thanx (^o^)V.

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  1. Thanks it works well :)

  2. its awsome ive been trying to get tech points but i could not get any so i could NOT use cheat engine I needed a code like that SO a BIG thank you.

  3. how do you set the value??

  4. I need help with a cheat code for the god power its not working,

  5. Uhhh... I need a dummies version. I mean, I've set the values like you said, but I don't know what to do next! I'm losing my mind with this.

    How do I make it work? How do I actually put the cheat on the game?

    Thank you.

    (Sorry if my English is not good, it's not my mother language and it's pretty hard to write xDDDDD)

  6. Well.. I've figured it out..
    scan for the power you have..
    example 189/189<this one)
    then close your current tribe and create a new tribe..
    next scan the value 40/40<(this one)
    then freeze the value and change it to 900..
    right click the address, click "find out what writes to this address"..
    right click the result, click "replace with NOP".
    Done and you're now accessible to every god power!!
    enjoy =)

  7. thanks a lot. tech points and foods address codes are working very well. but I still confused with the god power and refill god power address codes. I'm going to share this anyway. thx again :)

  8. I managed to change it and it was working well, but now every time I click a person, the game freezes and Windows closes it. Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

  9. the god power adress is with me 02727DAC

  10. Refill Power 01CE7DAC.
    Worked for me